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 Dating Game
When it comes to game and approaching women there are many roles a guy can play. Being the “asshole guy” is one of them. Most guys new to game start out automatically using asshole game without thinking about context or knowing how they are seen by women. Believe it or not this is the one role I usually try to avoid. When I’m rolling with my wingmen I’m usually the nice/ funny guy. As stated before the real point of AG is to make the girl ask herself, “what is it about this guy that makes him think he can act like an asshole and get away with it”. With me, honestly I look like an asshole…. no I’m not trying to be funny. I know for a fact that I look, walk and even talk like one. I’ve been told by many women to my face or after a girl gets to know me that they thought I’d be an asshole and were shocked when I wasn’t.

Carson, CA
Roseville, CA

 Craigslist Personals
AG is designed to make it look like you’ve got more going on than you really do. Women have a way at looking at guys and “assuming” if they’re going to be jerks or not. Also if it looks like you have a certain occupation they also assume you might be an asshole based just on that. If you’re extremely attractive or have model looks (which I am not and do not) girls assume before speaking to you that you have no problem attracting or picking up women, there for assuming you’ll be cocky,arrogant and an asshole. If you’re in extraordinary shape and look like you could be a pro athlete or in the military and law enforcement… women also assume the same thing. Once the assumption of you being an asshole has been confirmed there’s nothing else to really get to know about you, you’ve just become boring and an asshole.

Palo Alto, CA

 Single Girls Dating
Think of asshole game in a bar like your first day in “fuck me up the ass prison”. If you’re tatted up, huge and look like you’re from the streets and you’re in there on a triple homicide , you don’t have to do much and no one will really want to mess with you or they’ll at least think twice before trying to make you their bitch. If you’re a skinny dude, in for embezzlement or child molesting and white. First day, you need to straight shank a motherfucker down to the white meat or you’re a dead man. It’s all about perception. What it’s really about with women is never giving them what they expect. If a tall homeless guy with no job that lives in his dad’s basement is an asshole to a girl she’ll be more attracted to him and some how he’ll come out looking like the interesting, dark and moody artist. If the more attractive, bigger, well off guy does the same thing he is a jerk and his game wont come off as good as the skinny guy.

Stockton, Loveawake
Acampo, CA

 In Closing
In closing, real asshole game should not be used or should be used to a minimum when you have an obvious advantage over the girl. If you’re more attractive, in better shape, have higher intelligence, or are obviously better off financially. Keep your AG to a minimum. The proper time to use it, the times that I often use it is on nines and dimes (it’s their penance for their beauty. And when the woman is older than me. For some reason older women have that whole chip on their shoulder thing because someone pumped and dumped them. Also because once a woman finds out she’s older than you, she’ll expect you to step your game up to see if your worthy of sleeping with her or in reality to feel less guilty about hooking up with you. Telling her friends, “but he’s really mature for his age so it’s ok”, whatever helps you sleep at night mah.

Bakersfield CA, Loveawake
Riverside, CA

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